Asakusa Sightseeing 20181222

In middle of December 2018, We have been in Asakusa for the first time in a while. After that, we would took a year end party with my friends. But this story may be for another opportunity...
When we arrived there, we could see so many foreigners are in Asakusa area. Many bakers of rickshaw talk to us. They may misunderstood we are tourists since I brought a DSLR camera and swollen knapsack.
Exactly one of our purpose of visiting Asakusa is to sightseeing. but, sorry, they were not necessary for us in this time.

My first purpose is to ask repair my shoes to the shoe shop which my shoes was made by. Of course I could ask by email or telephone and ship. But since they renew their shop, I would want to see their shop. And also I can choose another repair shop and already had ask another shop several times before, But I have know original shop has unique heel material as cat’s paw and particular work to toe side. Then, in this time, my shoes looks need repair for both, heel and toe side. I decided to go to ask repair to them.
So nice space and guy in their shop. Not only work boots but also like business shoes, Some types shoe lined up for women too. all nice. A cool middle-aged guy who looks foreigner with a MEXICO logo cap also was attracted and held on to the shop's window to see shoes.
I asked their old type which I saw before. He said sorry it is so old type maybe no stock already but they can try looking for in their warehouse if I really want. I just say thank you because I just came to repair in this time. Just my wife has curious to take ladies models.. she said next time when finish my shoes repair.
Anyway It was good time and great shop that I forgot to take picture. I may will not forgot next time.

After the shop, we went toward Tokyo Sky tree and could see beauty trees and took beers & sausages.

tokyo sky tree
[tokyo sky tree]
shot by Xperia XZ premium

There are many shops for fashions and souvenirs in Soramachi near by sky tree. We were able to enjoy a lot.
But I got a sign of back pain.. because may be a DSLR camera was heavy for me finally... then my wife stretched me to help to recover my body in Soramachi mall. I heard a man were very surprised by seeing us to do that. anyway I think the health is more important than caring what others think.





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happy wedding

wedding ceremony
Shot by Xperia XZ premium

At November 23, 2018, She and her husband as our precious friends had hold a traditional wedding.We, as a married couple, had been to Atago shinto shrine to join the wedding ceremony. My wife was deeply moved by more than usual because the bride is my wife's best friend. The bride's appearance moved her to cry at 1st time in the wedding party after the ceremony. and what she knew the trigger they met from MC of the party moved her again to cry at the 2nd time.
the trigger is that the bride and bridegroom met at one bar and the bridegroom have taken an interest in a cocktail the bride had been drinking. the cocktail is Alexander, that my wife told her when they had been to the bar.

Their party concept was similar with our wedding party a bit. It's enjoy drinking...anyhow toast drink is the Alexander. so happy. I had saw all alcohols poured into all glasses on our table for the first time.
Anyway we could see their happy smile and comments so that we had enjoyed much. We bless them.


Kurasu Tokoro Market

November 11, 2018, At Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park. We hanged out to see the market like a small festival. It’s Kurasu Tokoro Market <kuratoko .com>. There were many shops which are shop-car, food stand, coffee shop, flower shop, something workshop, variety shop, Furniture shop, Clothes store, Antique shop and e.t.c.

Shot by PENTAX K-5 with FA77mmF1.8Limited

We have seen their small entrance and went through 1st street while watching third shops, then have taken oysters and beers at first. Actually we had taken same sets a year ago because it was the best for us in the market. Also I had have a item I want to see again. But I could not find the shop because maybe they have not open in this time. I’m sorry and hoping to see next time. But I have find another curious item. It’s stole which is made in India <www.blue-bear.co.jp>. It looks like I prefer handmade goods. I feel the special that it is made by craftsman or made of rare materials. That market is so good place that I find some specials.

Shot by Xperia XZ premium