BLUE NOTE TOKYO for our anniversary

November 2018 is our wedding anniversary. I said, maybe 6th or 7th?? My wife, probably 6th. We already almost forgot how many years have we passed from we married.. anyway I pledged her to continue our happy life.
I have booked a show at 2018/11/03 at Blue note tokyo. That’s Yamandu costa as known as genius guitarist.and also he was born in 1980. So what we are the same age makes me to be in sympathy with him as genius age......it means to hope include me...
We entered in Blue Note Tokyo at first time. We were exciting in seeing it from arrived at the entrance.

blue note tokyo yamandu costa
[Yamandu Costa Signboard]
Shot by Xperia XZ premium

I just booked the tickets. But we could order dinner and some drinks after take sheets. All servers were good. They have took care us well. Some reviews I checked before told me it’s better to take meals before we go. It’s correct if we want to save money. But if not care of that, their course was not so bad. good serve.

blue note tokyo
[Blue Note Tokyo Inside]
Shout by Xperia XZ premium

Yamandu costa’s show time, of courseo was great time. His melody is beautiful. I never know guitar has possible to be played that sound before listening his play. A boy who sat diagonally forward left from us looked very fun, pretty much have been swinging head and taken the Yamandu rhythm with his feet.
We felt likely all guys in across the hall love his music. We had enjoyed much.