happy wedding

wedding ceremony
Shot by Xperia XZ premium

At November 23, 2018, She and her husband as our precious friends had hold a traditional wedding.We, as a married couple, had been to Atago shinto shrine to join the wedding ceremony. My wife was deeply moved by more than usual because the bride is my wife's best friend. The bride's appearance moved her to cry at 1st time in the wedding party after the ceremony. and what she knew the trigger they met from MC of the party moved her again to cry at the 2nd time.
the trigger is that the bride and bridegroom met at one bar and the bridegroom have taken an interest in a cocktail the bride had been drinking. the cocktail is Alexander, that my wife told her when they had been to the bar.

Their party concept was similar with our wedding party a bit. It's enjoy drinking...anyhow toast drink is the Alexander. so happy. I had saw all alcohols poured into all glasses on our table for the first time.
Anyway we could see their happy smile and comments so that we had enjoyed much. We bless them.